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The Importance of Stretching!

Garth Stivey

There’s a reason why athletes spend hours stretching before a workout. Because it may prevent injury and help assist with pain management.  Did you also know stretching plays a vital role in muscle and bone health and helps support better posture as well? Whether you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home, unable to attend your regular fitness classes due to lockdown, or spend long hours at the computer, increasing your strength and fitness through the simple act of stretching will have a positive impact on your body, leaving you feeling healthier and happier.

How to Set Up A Lockdown Proof Home Gym

Garth Stivey

Setting up a home gym has, at some stage, crossed the mind of every person who has committed themselves to a regular workout schedule. Many of them allow it to stay there for just a few seconds before they dismiss it as unrealistic. With lockdowns looking to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future, however, setting up a home gym is becoming a necessity for anyone who wants to maintain a regular workout program. In this article, I’ll give you a template for setting up your ideal home gym.

Birthday Cake Protein Cookies

Garth Stivey

Celebrate your hard-earned gym gains with these delicious birthday cake protein cookies!   Create this guilt-free recipe with only five basic ingredients and have a healthier snack that can be ready in minutes. These protein cookies are perfect to enjoy after a workout or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up to get...

5 Techniques to Transform Your Post-Workout Recovery

Garth Stivey

Are you pushing yourself to the extreme during your training sessions but not seeing the results to follow? While progressive overload, picking up the speed, and training for longer are steps you need to take to improve your athletic performance, the real magic happens after your workout. 

Protein Brownies


All the indulgence without the guilt! This protein brownie recipe offers you a macro-friendly treat that will curb your sweetest of cravings. Made using only four ingredients, this recipe is super clean and incredibly simple to make.

How a little bit of exercise at home can improve your mood

Garth Stivey

Fitness bands and happiness: How a little bit of exercise at home can improve your mood It’s no secret that physical exercise increases your body’s production of endorphins, leading to feeling happier and more positive after a workout. But think of how many times you’ve felt tired or stressed after a hard day at work and decided not to go to the gym. It turns out you may have been doing yourself a double injustice. Studies have shown that it only takes about 15 minutes of exercise per day to increase your happiness. Out of 1440 minutes in the day, it’s really not that much to spare is it?

10 Exercises you can do from home with next to nothing, but still training like an athlete

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10 Fitness Tube exercises scientifically proven to get results Fitness tubes, resistance bands, elastic bands – chances are you’ve seen them around somewhere. Don’t be fooled; fitness tubes may look like a one-dimensional simple piece of equipment but they are truly one of the most versatile and beneficial workout apparatus available. For well over half a century they have been used by body sculptors, physiotherapists, powerlifters and professional sportspeople around the world looking for the edge on their competition. Much more than an entry-level tool, Fitness Bands are used worldwide by some of the most well trained professional athletes from the NFL, UFC, Rugby League, AFL, tennis and surfing communities to build strength, rehabilitate, increase power, speed and muscle size.