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Skip your way to the body of your dreams! Skipping is one of the best ways to improve your
fitness and achieve your body composition goals. With minimal space and only a jump rope required,
skipping is a fantastic way to get in a quick and intense workout. In addition to being a great
calorie burner, skipping can improve your cardiovascular fitness and hand-eye coordination.
Cardio training has many benefits and helps support a healthy heart and lungs, which is
essential for your long-term wellbeing. Whether you prefer to train fast or hard, GND Fitness
offers both speed and GND Weighted Skipping Ropes.

What is a speed skipping rope? It is basically a skipping rope on “speed”. This rope has a thin
wire to promote maximum speed to circle the body two or three times per jump. These jumps
are known as double-unders and triple-unders in the CrossFit world and are an essential part of
this training style. Speed skipping ropes are also great to use before your weight lifting session
to warm-up your muscles and after your workout for an intense cardio burner.

For the best workout at home, look no further than a weighted skipping rope. These skipping
ropes are great for building strength, maintaining muscle mass, and supporting weight loss. You
will likely burn more calories using a weighted skipping rope than you will with a traditional
rope. Skipping is also great as a low impact alternative exercise to running.

Whether you are a skipping pro or have never skipped before, weighted skipping
ropes are guaranteed to fire-up your workout.