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Whether you want to add strength to your cardio workout or cardio to your weight lifting session, The GND Weighted Skipping Rope Pack is all you need. This pack boasts 3 different weighted ropes, to let you decide how much intensity you want to add to your workout. Whether you are training for strength, speed, agility, or fat loss, using a weighted skipping rope is guaranteed to fire-up your workout.  

 Add a new level of fun and fitness to your workouts with these premium and durable weighted skipping ropes from GND. With little to no space required, GND Weighted Skipping Ropes are an ideal piece of equipment to use during your home workouts.

 These ropes come with an extra weight (187grams) that can be added or removed from the handle of the skipping rope, letting you tailor your training to align with your fitness and body composition goals. To provide you the ultimate experience and maximum speed, we have added dual ball bearings in each handle. 

 The GND Weighted Skipping Rope is fully customisable and can be simply altered for a personalised fit. All three size ropes come at either 259cm, 274cm or 300cm long, use the size guide to see which best suits your height. If you fall in between sizes you can go with the longer size and trim it to suit or you can go for the smaller size for a more intense workout. We do only recommend the shorter size if your a intermediate or advance level skippers.

Simply follow the instructions included within this pack to customise your skipping rope for the best possible fit. Apart from a basic set of wire cutters, all tools to alter this product are included within this pack.


The GND Weighted Skipping Rope Pack Includes:

  • 3 weighted interchangeable ropes
  • 1 x 85g - 4mm rope
  • 1 x 160g - 6mm rope
  • 1 x 270g - 8mm rope
  • GND Fitness carry case and matching shoulder strap
  • Instructions on how to customise these skipping ropes for a personalised fit
  • Weighted rod's for each handle
  • 4 high speed ball bearings
  • Tools to trim the rope length*
  • Tools to add or remove the weights from the handles
  • Rose Gold coloured handles


*What you’ll need:

  • A set of basic wire cutters

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Eleanor B

    This 3 weight combo is easy to attach with extra weight for the handles that can be swapped out too. With tactile handles, it’s beautiful to feel and even to look at. I love using these. Great price, excellent customer support too. Couldn’t be happier.

    Ketrina Houeix
    Fantastic service and rooes

    The service was fast and I just love my new weighted skipping ropes.

    Sarina Gloeckl Gloeckl
    Great rope, great service!

    Received the rose pink set very swiftly. Great quality and quite durable as we used them for a bit without a mat. Unfortunately, we were not able to undo the chuck to the large (8mm) rope. It was really tight, so much so that we ended up snapping the tool and just threading the screw. We reached out to GND who quickly replied and quickly sent a replacement chuck and tool! Such excellent customer service!

    Matthew Keegan

    Great ropes and handles. They will get a bit scratched with use however so does any excersise equipment. Very good customer service. Gave me a call to confirm my purchase order and sizing requirements. Adjusting rope length is simple to do. Have recommended to other dads at school.

    Steven Hutchison
    GND Weighted Skipping Rope

    Awesome rope to train with, easy to change weights the thinnest rope works well in wods.
    Have plent of other members at the Box interested in getting one as well.
    Also great customer service to ensure I got the right rope lenghts.