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This is one of our personal favorites. You’ll want to use our GND Orange Camo Foam Roller before and after every workout! Is your Gluteus Maximus a pain in the behind? Or is your shoulder giving you grief during sets? Are you calves tight? The GND Orange Camo Foam Roller will be your answer.

If you have suffered an injury setback you know how painful and frustrating it can be to get back to full fitness. This little piece of magic is designed to utilise a myofascial release technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Now you can fit a physio in your gym bag or backpack and have it ready for whenever you need it.

Perfect for

  • Pre and post workout stretching
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Working out sore joints and muscle knots
  • Assisting in muscle rehabilitation after injuries
  • Promoting muscle relaxation
  • Increasing flexibility and mobility before, during or after your workout
  • Reduce chances of injury during movement


    • Colour: Orange with neon splash (neon splash does vary on each roller)
    • Super strong construction
    • Light weight
    • Material: PVC core with EVA foam outer
    • Length: 33.5cm
    • Diameter: 14cm
    • Fits comfortable in your gym bag or back pack
    • Hallow center to maximize space in your gym bag


    • 1 x GND Orange Camo Foam Roller

      Customer Reviews

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      Like a portable massage!

      Gorgeous colour, very strong, firm and durable. Really works those tight muscles, Not for the faint of heart.. it's like giving yourself a deep tissue massage! That being said, it's exactly what you need in a good foam roller and for a very decent price!