GND Fabric Resistance Band // Pretty Pink


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Your go to exercise accessory if you want to improve your squat depth, increase flexibility, agility and maximize your workout. Made from heavy duty cotton layered with purpose made gripping elastic, this unique resistance band is sturdy, comfortable for daily use and stays in place without slipping or coiling for increased comfort. Your glutes might feel like they’re on fire, but trust us, no pain, no gain!

 Perfect for:

  • Getting the most out of your lower body warm-up
  • Activation and strengthening of your glutes and quads
  • Adding resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
  • Squat form concentration
  • Agility training and active stretching sessions



    • Lenght: 33cm, 38cm
    • Height: 8cm
    • Material: Elastic Cotton
    • Comfy on skin
    • No slip or coil
    • Highly unlikely to break
    • Colour: Pink


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Angela Kirby


    Jane doe
    Fantastic products

    Great quality thick beautiful elastic band .skipping rope even though plastic tube great quality flexible Makes skipping easy and enjoyable. Highly recommend these two products .
    Cheers very happy customer 😄